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Lars Laumann

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Shut up Child, This Ain't Bingo (58 min) 2009, Courtesy Of Maureen Paley, London.

Shut up Child, This Ain't Bingo, is a video installation that tells the true story of the relationship between Norwegian artist Kjersti Andvig and her collaborative partner Carlton Turner, a Texan death row inmate. Combining his own photographic and video documentation with found material, Laumann focuses on the 3-month period from the end of the couple's artistic work together until Turner's execution and how during this time their relationship shifted from professional to romantic.

Lars Laumann draw inspiration from the outskirts of popular culture, mixing different media and techniques to create works explores ideas of fandom, obsession, conspiracy and love, both romantic and divine. By sampling and re-editing he tells stories that take form as installations and videos unveiling idiosyncratical worlds that are bout unsettling and humours revelations of our modern mythologies.

Laumans work has prievously been exhibitions at White Columns, Marian Goodman Gallery, New Museum and the MoMA, (New York), at the Kunsthalle Winterthur and Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland), and at the 5th Berlin Biennial and , Haus der Kulturen der Welt, (Germany). VI VII, Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, and National Museum for Contemporary art (Norway). Maureen Paley, ICA, Liverpool Biennial, Whitechapel Gallery, Hayward Gallery, Tate Modern (UK)

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Documentary video is now finished
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