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Elin Wikström in Collaboration with Denis Romanowski

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Museum of Impossible, Unrealised and Unrealisable Art Projects, 2013, work in progress.

For the exhibition ”nordic art / Between Miracles”, Denis Romanovski and Elin Wikström have been collecting, art projects, which have not been, can not be made, have failed, were censored, rejected, postponed or consciously left incomplete. About 100 artists from the Nordic countries and Georgia have been invited to contribute their own unrealised or unrealisable art projects. A presentation of the ideaof the museum and the collection will be on display at the Contemporary Art Center Tbilisi. On March 6, 4 pm – 7 pm the artists will be activating the MIUU collection by holding a workshop, where participants will be offered to explore a hypothetical realm of infinite access to all the time, money and resources in the world, the ability to bend time and space, reform social systems and consider anything and everything as material for creative intervention. Using the projects submitted by the invited artists another aim of the workshop is to discuss and evaluate different understandings of the possible and impossible.

Denis Romanovski is an artist and organizer, he graduated both Belarus State Academy of Arts in Minsk in 2001 and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2006. Since 1999 he focuses mostly on performance art, presenting his works in various countries world wide. As an organizer he has been running performance festival Navinki in Minsk (1999-2008) and during recent years - Performance Art Links festival in Stockholm. His artist practice often extends to and merges with research, experimental forms and technologies. Working with major themes like Auditory Navigation, Phantom Expression, Kara(oke)Tribune, Futureview he produced series of works in several formats and methods.

Elin Wikström studied Fine Art at Valand Academy 1987 – 1992 in Göteborg, Sweden. Her work deals with being subjected to a constructed situation, which leads to reflection on social issues. Concepts like “dialogue” and “intervention” are key to understanding Wikström’s practice, which include her own participation, along with the necessary collaboration and exchange with audiences and fellow participants. To rely on the participation of other people and making use of their skills have become increasingly important to her. A great deal of Wikström’s work occurs outside the walls of the traditional art space. In 2013 she is working on projects for the exhibitions Interventions artistiques & organisations, Contexts, Paris, France, Even A Perfect Crime Leaves a Trace, Göteborgs Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden and Emscherkunst, Essen, Germany (

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