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Anders Smebye

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To Youth (2010)

Leather, rope, metal
450 x 145 x 40 cm
Anders Smebye practice through various media and with many hats on. His work involves satire, digressions and misreadings to comment on cultural decay and decadence. Oddities and deities are scrutinized, often ending up as dysfunctional representations with a discharged symbolism. Smebye is educated at Chelsea College of Art, London, UdK in Berlin and at the Royal Academy of Arts in Oslo. He was the founder and director of the projectspace Bastard, Oslo (2005-10), and has worked extensively as curator, writer, lecturer and teacher. Recent solo exhibitions include I´m Not Here at SINNE in Helsinki, Finland, Dor er Dor at Gallery D.O.R. in Brussels, Belgium and Vinlandat Galeria Valenzuela Klenner in Bogotá, Colombia. Smebye has been involved in the collective Parallel Action since 2010, and is currently working on a publication, Mission Creep, for NoInput Books, NY. He lives and works in Berlin and Oslo.

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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