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back to organisations was developed and launched in 2002 by Wooloo, a Danish artist group founded by Sixten Kai Nielsen, Martin Rosengaard, and Russell Ratshin. Today, - the group's first project - connects the resources of more than 22,000 cultural producers internationally, and is growing daily. Wooloo creates social experiments in collaborative participation: like the online community, Wooloo's other works explore strategies in which several people take a role in the artmaking process. In recent years, Wooloo has hosted 3,000 activists with private families in Copenhagen (for the UN climate conference in 2009), worked with blind locals to create the world's first non-visual artist residency program in Murcia, Spain (Manifesta 8, 2010-11), and changed the law regarding the cutting of public lawns in Moss, Norway (6th Momentum biennial, 2011). Wooloo was recently nominated for the 2011 Visible Award and the 2011 International Award for Participatory Art.

Pasteursvej 46,
1799 Copenhagen V

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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