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Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir / The Living Art Museum - Nýlo

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The Living Art Museum, commonly known as Nýló, is a museum and a venue for contemporary visual art in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is committed to collecting and preserving works by Icelandic and international artists and serves as a platform for experimental contemporary art. Nýló is an artist-run, member-based, non-profit institution that hosts and produces exhibitions, discussions, workshops, screenings, performances, and cross-disciplinary events. Nýló was founded in 1978 and has since stayed true to its original goals: to create a platform for critical discussions on experimental art practice, and to preserve and collect art works. The venue of Nýló was founded in 1981 and has continuously aimed to encourage experiments in art, curatorial work, and critical reflection on contemporary art.

Skúlagata 28
101 Reykjavík

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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