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Manymade / Majken Overgaard

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Manymade is a curated crowdfunding platform for Nordic artists and entrepreneurs. Together with a broad range of Nordic partners we raise awareness and funding for Nordic art and cultural projects and productions.

Crowdfunding is when a group of people finance a given project, an idea or activity together. If you have a project idea it is also a great way to get this distributed and disseminated. As a creator you get access to a wider audience and a distribution network and as a user you get a direct access to a cultural scene that does not depend or is based on traditional systems or institutions. Crowdfunding gives you the possibility to communicate directly with your audience and potential backers and vice versa.

At Manymade we work as a curatorial collective making - realising art and culture through crowdsourcing- and funding.   

Majken Overgaard

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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