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Bastard Gallery / Anders Smebye

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Bastard gallery has, since its opening in 2005 seemed to articulate the position of idealistic, noncommercial, artist-run galleries emerging in Oslo, most clearly. The gallery's name suggests a strategic blurring of the line, to quote the gallery's distant relative, Allen Kaprow, "between art and life". This indistinctness fits well with the artworks you are likely to encounter at a Bastard exhibition, which tend to be raw, open and relationally charged. Bastard also tends to favour hacking, appropriation and other low-cost procedures. Culture Clash, a recent exhibition of video art, demonstrated this principle clearly, consisting of just one commissioned work, with the rest downloaded from the internet. Several of the artists behind the pirated material, such as Paul McCarthy and Cindy Sherman, in the process of appropriation became bastardised themselves, dragged down from their pedestal and exhibited afresh. Bastard was run by artist Anders Smebye and closed its doors in 2010.

Bjerregardsgt 51
0174 Oslo

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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