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Leslie Johnson

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OK LOL New game plan installation

OK LOL New game plan begins with the stick fig. drawings that illustrate methods or situations explained in textbooks.  In the game room installation we can ponder what is the game and who are the players.  The work explores the situation also through the use different types of wood and veneer. Linguistic jokes, such as the pressence of wood with ”knots” are also part of the exploration of ambiguous meanings. Through the process of re-imagining the overlooked and ephemeral, Johnson reworks small objects, ephemera, found images, and fragments of text from daily life into significance, inviting reconsideration of their symbolic status and value.

Leslie Johnson. Her work has been exhibited in Moscow, New York, and widely in Scandinavia, where she has worked at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden as an educator, researcher, and Director. Solo exhibitions at 1 Shanthi Road, Bangalore, India (2012); Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden (2005); Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden (2004); and Galleri Paletten, Gothenburg, Sweden (2001). Exhibited work in public places throughout Sweden such as Gothenburg Azalea Park (2011), medical centers in Hunnebostrand (2011) and Strömstad (2012), libraries in Kungshamn (2000) and the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport, among others. Johnson has produced self-published artist books and publications since 1984, and has been published in Swedish art journals Ord & Bild, Paletten, and Art Monitor, among others. She received awards from the Swedish State Arts Council, Society Gnistan, and Residencia Internacional de Artistas en Argentina in Buenos Aires (RIAA) in 2010, and her work is represented in private and public collections, including the Swedish State Collection, West Sweden Region, Borås, Västerås, and Gothenburg Art museums.

2014-09-27 - news
Documentary video is now finished
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